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Suffolk Bugrs 2022 Spring Summer Newsletter

We have so much on offer in the way of meets, camps and events over the year, and we the Suffolk Bugr’s committee hope to welcome at any of the events that choose to come along to. View here

Suffolk Bugrs 2021 Newsletter

With Meets & Events kickin off again, what have we been doing and what is still to come for the rest of 2021? View here

Suffolk Bugrs Covid Newsletter no2

What have our members been up to? View here

Suffolk Bugrs Covid Newsletter

What have our members been up to? View here

First Newsletter 2020

Your First newsletter of 2020. View here

Second Newsletter 2019

Your Second newsletter of 2019. View here

First Newsletter 2019

Your First newsletter of 2019. View here

Autum/Winter 2018 Newsletter

A look back at the beginning of the year and what's still to come. View here

Winter/Spring 2018 Newsletter

We are changing the newsletters from quarterley to half yearly. View here

Autumn 2017

Here is your Autumn 2017 Newsletter. view here

Summer 2017

Hot, Hot, Hot! Summer has arrived with lots of gorgeous sunshine, and that was just at Haughley Park for AVD weekend, read the report for more info and check out the facebook page. There is loads to look forward to this summer, check out the club events guide inside. Enjoy the best time of the year to be a VW enthusiast! view here

Spring 2017

A warm welcome to the spring edition of your members update. Now is the time to start planning for the coming season, so check out the club event guide on Page 5, and let us know where you want to club camp. Also inside is more info about our own show, Alive & V- Dubbin and details of how you can get involved in the excitement of moving to our new venue. view here

Remember this is your newsletter, so if there is anything you would like to share, advertise, suggest etc. Just let us know via e-mail